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Parts and Services

At Street Lamps of America we specialize in installation and repair services for your Street Lamp, Mailbox or Fountain.  We can remove and repair broken aluminum castings, refinish and re-install.  We provide complete refurbishing services at our shop in Tulsa Oklahoma.  We can remove, refurbish and re-install any of your aluminum outdoor products within the Tulsa Metro area and surrounding communities.

Street Lamp Services

 - New Light Installations with concrete footers

 - Welding Repair Services

 - Complete refurbishment

Mail Box Services

 - New Mailbox installation with concrete footer

 - Repair broken mailbox doors

 - Repair broken body and touchup

 - Complete refurbishment

Typical Repair Pricing

- Mailbox Door Repair is $50

- Broken Box Pickup $102

- Mailbox Repair - Welding services $159.50 + $25 for each additional weld (touchup painting included)

- Repaint Mailbox Like New $132

- Mailbox installation $102

- Lamp Pole installation less than 8' $180

- Lamp Pole Installation greater than 8' $300




Colored bulbs are also available for special order, please call if interested.

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